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Aerosol Masks

These soft, high-quality disposable aerosol masks are made from high-grade resins. The smooth, feathered edges
are designed for patient comfort while reducing irritation points. All masks are designed for anatomical compatibility.
A comprehensive line is available to meet requirements in paediatric and adult sizes.

Cat.No. 001206       Adult aerosol mask vinyl, under-the-chin style

Cat.No. 001263      Pediatric aerosol mask vinyl, under-the-chin-style

Tracheostomy Mask

The disposable tracheostomy masks are available in paediatric and adult sizes, and incorporate several patient
features. The neckband is made from a comfortable, nonbiting material, and the swivel tubing connector permits
access from either side of the patient. The special strap clips allow the mask to be removed with minimal disturbance to the patient.

Cat.No. 001225       Adult tracheostomy mask

Cat.No. 001226       Pediatric tracheostomy mask

Tracheostomy Care Kit

Tracheostomy care kits are packaged sterile in a tray with a coated paper lid. All kits include:
• Trach gauze dressing
• Twill tape, 34"
• Trach brush
• Four gauze sponges, 4x4"

Cat.No. 3T4691A      Additional components: 2 cotton-tipped applicators, 3 pipe cleaners, 1 pair vinyl gloves

                                   1 water-resistant towel

KidsMed infant and pediatric aerosol masks

Designed to reduce fear of treatment with an aerosol mask and encourage use compliance during asthma therapy, these character-themed masks provide effective medication delivery while enabling asthma treatment for children. The toy-like masks aid in the perception that the character is breathing along with the child, which encourages the patient to take frequent deep breaths, allowing for a more effective and fun treatment. The masks’ soft, polyvinyl chloride construction ensures a comfortable fit.

Cat.No. 001266        Pediatric aerosol mask, Nic the Dragon mask, elastic strap style

Corrugated tubing

Airlife's variety of disposable corrugated tubing for aerosol and IPPB applications offers flexibility and convenience to meet therapeutic needs. Cuffs on all tube ends lock to 7/8" (22mm) connections. EVA clear corrugated tubing is made of polyethylene/ethyl vinyl acetate and does not contain DEHP.

Cat.No. 001421         Blue tubing, 1.5m (5')

Cat.No. 001427         Blue tubing, 1.8m (6')

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