Everything you need, wrapped in a single solution

Every day, you're tasked to do more with less. To improve productivity with less time, budget and staff. And do it all while you strive to keep your patients safe and improve the quality of care.

That's why Cardinal Health created a new choice in sterilization wrap: a full selection of products that are durable, reliable and cost effective.

Ordering Information:

Single Layer

Catalog No.           Dimension

CH110020              20x20 in. (50x50 cm)

CH110036              36x36 in. (91x91 cm)

CH110040              40x40 in. (101x101 cm)

CH110045              45x45 in. (114x114 cm)

CH110054              54x54 in. (137x137 cm)

CH410018              18x18 in. (45x45 cm)

CH410024              24x24 in. (60x60 cm)

CH410030              30x30 in. (76x76 cm)

CH410036              36x36 in. (91x91 cm

CH410040              40x40 in. (101x101 cm)

CH410045              45x45 in. (114x114 cm)

CH410048              48x48 in. (121x121 cm)

CH410054              54x54 in. (137x137 cm)

CH410072              54x72 in. (137x182 cm)


• Made from one layer of blue SMS
• Designed with a simple, “cross-stitch” bond pattern for clear,

   visual feedback of breaches that may occur during

   handling, storage and/or sterilization.

• Supports sequential wrapping methodologies
• Available in six basis weights and a wide range of sizes to

  meet the needs of today’s Central Sterile Department.

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