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For over 40 years, Jackson-Pratt® has been a leading name in the wound drainage industry. Delivering high-quality, reliable products has allowed the Cardinal Health Jackson-Pratt® brand to become a trusted solution worldwide.


When you feel confident about the products you use, you can focus on what matters most — providing the best care possible to your patients.



For procedural flexibility, Jackson-Pratt® 100cc and 400cc Reservoirs are available separately for use with all Jackson-Pratt® Wound Drains or in convenient kits packaged with Jackson-Pratt® Flat or Round Wound Drains.



Jackson-Pratt® Round Drains are available in both silicone and PVC per physician preference and feature a radiopaque stripe running the entire length of the drain tubing for x-ray detection.

Cardinal Health™ Jackson-Pratt® 3-Spring Reservoirs are available in convenient kits with PVC Drains or separately with silicone adapters for connection to any of the Jackson-Pratt® Silicone Drains.


Cardinal Health™ Jackson-Pratt® Flat Drains are
made of a silicone elastomer for softness and

Jackson-Pratt® Hemaduct® Wound Drains allow multiple fluid pathways should soft tissue obstructions restrict continuous fluid flow, throughout the drain. The drain is comprised of both open and closed channels that are interconnected by internal portals that span the length of the drain. Should soft tissue obstructions in-grow into an open channel, the internal portals allow fluid to change channels and find alternative pathways around the obstructions. 

Product Features

• Hemaduct® Drains are made of soft silicone and are available

   in round and flat two-piece designs, with or without a trocar
• Provides alternative pathways around obstructions
• Designed to help assist in minimizing tissue in-growth through a

   no-hole design, narrow ducts and recessed perforations
• Provides suction and fluid flow over the entire drain
• Not made from natural rubber latex
• Silicone is barium impregnated for x-ray detection

Ordering Information

Cat. no.                                                       Features                                                       Diameter/Size           Length        Qty.        

JP-HUR880         Full length channels, interconnecting portals, without trocar       15 Fr x 30 cm            114 cm        10 ea/bx, 8 bx/cs

JP-HUR900         Full length channels, interconnecting portals, without trocar       19 Fr x 30 cm            114 cm        10 ea/bx, 8 bx/cs


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