Why is surgical clipping so important?

Surgical site infections (SSIs) represent a significant burden to the healthcare system. This also creates a burden on you— to prevent these costly events from happening. Effective preoperative hair removal is a way to help do just that.

For surgery, appropriate preoperative skin preparation is a key step to preventing SSIs. However, research shows that shaving can cause multiple skin abrasions that later may become infected.1 When hair removal is required, AORN Perioperative Standards recommend hair to be clipped with an electric clipper. Hair at the surgical site should be left in place, whenever possible.

Essentials of preoperative hair removal

Innovative blade design Helps
protect patient’s skin from nicks
and abrasions

• The single-use disposable

   blades help minimize cross


• The two-plane blade design

   helps protect the patient’s skin

   from nicks and abrasions

Touch-free, attach and
release blade technology

Helps minimize staff exposure
to clipping blades and

Power button Easy-to-use on/off switch

Ergonomic design Comfortable,
reliable hold for a non-slip grip

Fully submersible For easy cleaning in water

Rechargeable NiMH battery Offers long

battery life for labor intensive clipping procedures

Battery indicator light Provides clear battery level status

Versatile clipping Clipper can be used in either dry or wet clipping techniques

Charging station Dependable
drop-and-go recharging with a
small footprint

Three blade system
The Standard Prep Blade clips most hair

   types, including sensitive areas
• The Specialty Blade is designed for

   neurosurgery and very coarse hair
• The Precision Blade is designed with a

   33 percent smaller blade3
• Our color-coded blade system makes it

   easy to quickly identify the right blade

   for the right type of clipping

Ordering Information

Cat. no.                  Description                                         Qty.

CAH4413               Rechargeable Surgical Clipper          1 ea/cs

CAH4414               Charging Station                                 1 ea/cs

CAH4406D            Blade, Standard Prep                         25 ea/bx, 2 bx/cs

CAH4412D            Blade, Specialty                                  20 ea/cs

CAH4403               Blade, Precision                                  20 ea/bx, 480 ea/cs

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