Together we can make it simple.

As an industry-leading manufacturer of surgical drapes and gowns, Cardinal Health provides a comprehensive selection of surgical drapes and gowns that offers patients and clinicians the protection they want and need.

You’re looking for new ways to make it easier— and we’re here to help you:

1. Make it simple to choose, order and use the products everyone needs.
2. Get the best value, so you can feel confident in your decision.
3. Create a consistent, quality experience every time you touch the product.

​Our surgical drape options in AAMI Level 3 and 4 are engineered to meet industry testing criteria. In addition, you’ll find all the features that clinicians prefer, including drapeable fabric and cord management features.

Not all surgical gowns are the same, but there's one difference that all clinicians should know: AAMI Levels

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