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Perform interventional procedures with advanced products

BD's  interventional specialties solutions promote positive clinical outcomes using minimally invasive and percutaneous techniques.


Original Jamshidi™ bone marrow biopsy aspiration needles

Illinois sternal/iliac

bone marrow aspiration needles

Original Jamshidi™ bone marrow biopsy

aspiration needles

The Jamshidi name has been synonymous with proven reliability and results in bone marrow biopsy products for more than 50 years. Jamshidi products offer the dependability and advanced features that make them a first choice in bone marrow biopsy needles and trays.

Original Jamshidi™ bone marrow biopsy aspiration needles offer advanced features and availability in a wide variety of sizes and tray configurations to meet your preferences. All needles are packaged with an adapter to accommodate luer-lock syringes.

Ordering Information

Cat.No. DJ4011X       11G x 4"


Ergonomic design

The lightweight handle and built-in comfort knob let you comfortably apply sufficient pressure.

Sample recovery

The tapered distal tip recovers samples without altering their architecture.

Sharp Bevel Tip

The razor-sharp bevel tip allows effective coring of the bone.

Single-use design

This design helps assure sterility for every procedure and prevent cross-contamination.

Illinois sternal/iliac bone marrow aspiration needles

Gain effective entry with our Illinois needles

Illinois sternal/iliac needles help ensure safe and simple marrow aspiration from the iliac crest or sternum by effectively penetrating the bone. An adjustable depth guard provides depth control to help enhance patient safety, while the twist-off cap holds the stylet securely in place.

Ordering Information

Cat.No. DIN1515X     15G (adjustable length 15 ⁄16–1 7⁄8"

                                             [24–48 mm])


Choice in handle design

Illinois needles are available in original or ergonomic T-handle designs.

Adjustable depth stop

The needle has an adjustable depth stop for sternal or pediatric application, which can be removed for iliac crest use.

Intraosseous infusion

Jamshidi™ Illinois needles are indicated for pediatric intraosseous (IO) infusion.


Luer slip and luer-lock syringes fit securely.

Jamshidi™ biopsy needles video

Available literature


Soft tissue biopsy tray

Obtain top-quality samples with ease and efficiency

Soft tissue biopsy trays are available in a variety of configurations to best suit your procedural needs. The safety tray contains additional components to help you comply with today’s safety recommendations. We also offer a drug-free tray without lidocaine and prepping solution, to support changing regulations.


All of our trays feature:
• High-quality components specifically designed for biopsy

• Components arranged in sequential order for ease of use.
• Patient prepping and draping materials

Ordering Information

Cat.No. 4380     Economy biopsy tray


Swab sticks (2)                                                      Towel

Needle, 25 g x ⅝" (1.6 cm)                                  Ruler, 6" (15 cm)

Needle, 25 g x 1.5" (3.8 cm)                                Scalpel, no. 11

Needle, 22 g x 1.5" (3.8 cm)                                Gauze sponges, 3" x 3" (10)

Lidocaine hydrochloride USP, 1%, 5 mL            Luer slip syringe, 5 mL

Fenestrated drape                                                  Luer lock syringe, 20 mL

Specimen vial with caps, 10 mL, numbered and calibrated (2)

Glass microscope slides with frosted ends (5)


Available literature

Manometer kit

Use the single-piece, 550-mm manometer kit for various pressure monitoring procedures. The manometer kit is compatible with extension sets and spinal needle hubs in BD lumbar puncture and myelogram trays.

Ordering Information

Cat.No. 4330     Manometer, 550mm and 3-way stopcock

                              with port covers (10 per box, 5 boxes per case)

biopsy tray

Thora-Para catheter drainage system

Use time-tested features for safe and efficient procedures

The dual indication catheter-over-the-needle drainage device can be used for thoracentesis and paracentesis procedures. Designed with customer-researched enhancements, the latex-free device can also help support safe, efficient diagnostic and therapeutic procedures.

Features and Benefits:

Enhanced surface treatment and improved tip taper

These features increase ease of insertion.

Kit and tray variety

The device comes in various procedure trays and kits that help support safety compliance and procedural flexibility.


Ordering Information

Cat.No. TPK 1001

Thoracentesis/Paracentesis Kit

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