The FloTrac sensor provides advanced hemodynamic parameters to help guide volume administration.
The FloTrac system automatically updates advanced parameters every 20 seconds, reflecting rapid physical changes in moderate to high-risk surgery more accurately. Advanced hemodynamic parameters provided by the FloTrac sensor offer you continuous insight to more accurately determine your patient’s fluid status.

The practical solution for individualized hemodynamic optimization


The FloTrac sensor integrates with the Edwards HemoSphere platform to show patient status at a glance, for visual clinical support and increased clarity in volume administration during moderate and high-risk surgical procedures.

The minimally-invasive FloTrac system is a reliable solution to advanced hemodynamic monitoring that automatically calculates key flow parameters every 20 seconds and monitors:

• Stroke Volume (SV)
• Stroke Volume Variation (SVV)
• Mean Arterial Pressure (MAP)
• Continuous Cardiac Output (CCO)
• Systemic Vascular Resistance (SVR)

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