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Infection Control PPE Kits

Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) kits
To help limit direct contact with blood, body fluids and airborne contaminants, while helping to ensure your facility is compliant with OSHA workplace health and safety regulations, Cardinal Health offers custom and standard PPE kits.

PPE Barrier Kit

Catalog No. ISO99PPEB                   Quantity: 45 ea/cs

PPE Barrier Kit

Catalog No. ISO99PPEB            Quantity: 45 ea/cs


1 ea.        Isolation Gown with knit cuff, half back, Universal size

2 ea.        Poly-coated ankle-high shoe cover, Universal size

2 ea.        Esteem exam glove, nitrile, medium size

1 ea.         Bouffant spun bounded cap, large size

1 ea.        Face mask with fluid resistant Insta-Guard® shield

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