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Volumetric incentive spirometer

Our volumetric incentive spirometers simplify deep breathing therapy with an intuitive design that prompts patients to correctly perform and monitor their own breathing exercises, even without direct supervision. A patient goal indicator can be adjusted and allows patients to monitor their own progress. Dual-sided calibrations clearly identify achieved volumes of up to 4,000 mL capacity. The flexible tubing lets the patient adjust the mouthpiece for use in various positions, and a mouthpiece holder provides storage when not in use. Available with or without a one-way valve.

Cat.No. 001902A          4,000 mL capacity, without one-way valve

Self-inflating resuscitation devices

Reliable and affordable, our single patient use self-inflating resuscitation devices helps answer your contamination concerns in today's healthcare environment. Our devices feature a textured bag, double-swivel elbow, and three removable oxygen reservoir options. All kits come with 3 m (10’) U/Connect-It oxygen tubing for easy connection to any oxygen source. Accessories include PEEP valve, manometer or 2.1 m (7’) manometer tubing, expiratory filter, CO2 detector and pressure-relief valve.

​Cat.No. 2K8032          Adult, with mask, 71 cm ( 28”) large bore tubing, pressure-relief valve, manometer

Cat.No. 2K8037          Paediatric, with mask, 100 cm (40”) oxygen reservoirtubing, pressure-relief valve, PEEP valve

Cat.No. 2K8038          Infant, with mask, 100 cm (40”) oxygen reservoir tubing, pressure-relief valve, PEEP valve

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