A first in design, with a history of demonstrated performance.

The PERIMOUNT Magna Ease Aortic Valve

Descended from a proven family of PERIMOUNT surgical valves, the Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Magna Ease aortic valve is the first biomechanically engineered valve designed specifically for the aortic position.


Backed by over 20 years of published clinical studies for proven longevity and demonstrated hemodynamic stability, the Carpentier-Edwards PERIMOUNT Magna Ease aortic valve combines a tested design with the benefits of pericardial tissue to deliver the potential for on-going durability.

The PERIMOUNT Magna Ease valve offers many key design features that enhance the valve’s ease of implant.

Proven PERIMOUNT design.

Mathematically modeled, bioengineered design

Optimized for hemodynamics, durability and implantability

Flexible cobalt-chromium alloy stent

Absorbs energy to reduce leaflet stress

Three independent bovine pericardial leaflets

Matched for thickness and elasticity to optimize stress distribution.

After more than 1 billion cycles, the Magna Ease valve still performs like new.

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