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Neoprobe Gamma Detection System

The World-leading Gamma Detection System solution designed to meet your individual needs.

Neoprobe Console

Neoprobe GDS provides instant-on simplicity, no warm-up or calibration is needed. Dynamic and Binary pitch modes allow for customizable clinical applications. Dual isotope mode offers real-time Tc99/I-125 filtering.


Sterilizeable, Bluetooth probes offer a remote target count button. Exclusive remote functionality keeps control in the hands of the surgeon.

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Neoprobe Basic Setup

Neoprobe In-Service for Physicians

Neoprobe In-Service for Technicians

features and benefits

Effortless Operation

The easy-to-use Neoprobe GDS leaves the surgeon free to focus on the patient and the procedure.
• Improved speed of start up with upgraded software and internal components.
• No calibration or preventative maintenance required.
• One touch remote count functionality within the sterile field.

Clinical Advantages

Neoprobe’s advanced capabilities enable success even in challenging cases.
• Individual counts for radioactive tracer and radioactive seed simultaneously.
• On screen target count display for convenient reference.

Exceptional Accuracy

Neoprobe’s Bluetooth probes deliver highly accurate localization of target tissue.
• Outstanding directionality with or without collimation.
• High sensitivity2 for even the most challenging cases.

Bluetooth Wireless Probes



14mm Bluetooth Wireless Probes

• 50% more sensitive than the NPR14 corded probe
• Set windows for the most common radioisotopes used in

  surgical applications (125I, 57Co, 99mTc, 111In, 131I, 18F)
• Dual isotope mode for simultaneous scanning of

  99mTc, 125I radioisotopes


9mm Bluetooth Wireless Probe

• Designed for procedures where incision size may be critical
• 35.7% smaller head diameter when compared to the 14mm

• Internally collimated for ease of use in head and neck



High-Energy F-18 Probe

• Capable of detecting high-energy photons typically emitted

   from PET positive lesions
• Detects radioactive isotope Flourine-18 and other high-

  energy radionuclides
• Sophisticated shielding that enhances 511 KeV directionality

11mm Bluetooth Laparoscopic Probe

• Orthogonal (90°) field of view for better accessibility to

   targeted lesions
• Ergonomic design is optimized for a wide range of uses

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