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Clarity for your complex pediatric patients.
PediaSat oximetry catheter is the first and only pediatric oximetry catheter with continuous ScvO2 monitoring to help you stay ahead of hypoxia and stages of sepsis.
Continuous, real-time monitoring of central venous oxygen saturation (ScvO2) offers early recognition of critical changes in oxygen delivery that may not be identified by less sensitive indicators, such as traditional vital signs or intermittent sampling.
Early indication of ScvO2 offers you the clarity to detect and prevent tissue hypoxia sooner, by enabling early intervention.


Designed for use with Edwards Lifesciences monitoring platforms and Philips modules, PediaSat oximetry catheter offers the clarity of an early warning for compromised or inadequate oxygen delivery.

Helps guide therapy and provide real-time insight into the efficacy of intervention.

Essential in defi ning the adequacy of cardiac output, continuous ScvO2 monitoring allows immediate assessment of your patient’s
clinical response to therapy.

Make proactive clinical decisions.

• Optimize hemodynamic management of pediatric and neonatal

   septic shock patients in accordance with ACCM-PALS Clinical

   Practice Parameters
• Evaluate eff ects of routine interventions (including suctioning,

   bathing, turning).

ScvO2 can optimize hemodynamic management in complex pediatric patients.

ScvO2 can optimize hemodynamic management in complex pediatric patients.
• Congenital heart disease and other complex cardiac patients
• Sepsis and septic shock
• Acute Respiratory Distress Syndrome (ARDS)
• Other high-risk patients

Continuous ScvO2 monitoring reveals the root cause of oxygen imbalance, enabling you to determine appropriate therapy.

Fewer needle sticks for your smaller patients.

The PediaSat oximetry catheter allows blood sampling without requiring patients to undergo multiple needle sticks, which minimizes blood loss and reduces the risk of infection associated with frequent diagnostic sampling.

Convenient, accurate and easy to use.

PediaSat oximetry catheter provides:

Simplicity and flexibility – uses the same insertion techniques as central lines in typical pediatric insertion sites, including subclavian and internal jugular

Continuous ScvO2 monitoring, pressure monitoring and fluid resuscitation.

Double and triple lumens to monitor and administer solutions.

Accurate oxygenation status.

See advanced hemodynamic parameters with a new level of clarity.*

The HemoSphere advanced monitor from Edwards Lifesciences reimagines the way you see, experience and interact with hemodynamic parameters. A range of clinical-support screen choices provides a new level of visual clinical support, facilitating decision making during rapidly changing situations.

*Compared to Vigilance II monitor

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