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Prefilled nebulizer kits

AirLife's prefilled nebulizers provide performance and ease of use. You can obtain heated and cool high-output aerosols adjustable from 28% to 100% FiO2. We offer a wide selection of solutions: sterile water for inhalation; USP; 0.45% sodium chloride for inhalation, USP; and 0.9% sodium chloride for inhalation, USP. Easy set-up includes an aluminum heat exchange system and external slip-on heater (sold separately), which heats the aerosol while reducing the possibility of contamination.

Cat.No. CK0005          Prefilled nebulizer kits packaged with adapter, 500 mL sterile water for inhalation, USP

Cat.No. CK0010          Prefilled nebulizer kits packaged with adapter, 1000 mL sterile water for inhalation, USP

Heat and moisture exchangers (HMEs)

These Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEs) and Filtered Heat and Moisture Exchangers (HMEFs) capture the patient’s exhaled heat and moisture and return them in the inspired gas. Small and compact, they are lightweight, provide low resistance to flow and are specially treated to provide bacteriostatic and hygroscopic (HCH) benefits.


Cat.No. 003005          HMEF-Filtered heat and moisture exchangers

                                     HMEF large volume with gas sampling port


                                     Connection: 15/22 mm ISO male/female for Y-piece; 15/22 mm ISO female/male for tube,

                                     face mask, closed suctioning system; standard luer lock port for gas sampling at dry and

                                     filtered side

2D0735X (left) and 2D0737 (right)

Sterile water in flexible containers

The closed system design of these flexible sterile water bags helps minimize the possibility of contamination to your patients. When solution bags are attached to the appropriate feed sets, replenishing empty nebulizers and refilling chambers are simplified. The easy one-step set-up offers convenience and reduces patient interruptions.
These bags contain sterile water for inhalation, USP, and are available in two sizes: 1,000 and 2,000 mL.


Cat.No. 2D0735X          1000mL

Cat.No. 2D0737             2000mL

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