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LiquiBand® Optima

Fast, precise and controlled topical skin closure.

Perfectly suited for use in Emergency Departments

  • Designed for closure of clean, fresh wounds where the edges are easily apposed and not under tension.

  • Contains a sterile blend of 90% butyl and 10% octyl cyanoacrylate.

  • Suitable for the closure of acute wounds including scalp, chin, and facial lacerations.3

  • Acts as a water resistant barrier.4 Pre assembled with an integrated flow control precision tip.


Key Features

LiquiBand® Optima Topical Skin Adhesive has a unique, winged applicator to facilitate safe and easy activation, along with accuracy and control.


Ordering Information

Product Code: OPT001          Size: 0.6g          Qty per box: 10

Available literature
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