A proficient solution to your clinical

workflow in pressure monitoring.

The next generation Edwards TruClip holder provides a streamlined and efficient sensor organization that can be used across the continuum of care – from OR into the ICU.


Color-coded inserts for easy identification of DPT lines


Improved rubber grips,
reinforced structure,
robust design


Accommodates a wide
variety of IV poles

Ease of use

Intuitive design offers quick
and easy attachment and
adjustment using just one hand

Simple, convenient and easy to use.
The TruClip holder quickly attaches to a wide variety of IV poles and can hold up to seven Edwards pressure monitoring, arterial pressure cardiac output (APCO) and blood sampling devices.
Efficient sensor organization.
The TruClip holder includes color-coded inserts for easy identification of disposable pressure transducer (DPT) lines.
Holds up to seven Edwards’ devices.
The TruClip holder is configured for the efficient organization of pressure monitoring and blood sampling devices. Four mounting spaces on the front help provide a clear, uncluttered environment in the OR and at the bedside.
Variety of use environments.
The TruClip holder can be used to help reduce equipment clutter in the OR, ICU, ED and Cardiac Catheter labs.
Higher efficiency with your clinical workflow.
The versatile design allows the TruClip holder to work with a variety of devices, including the Edwards TruWave disposable pressure transducers, VAMP Adult and VAMP Plus closed blood sampling systems, Z-site sampling ports, FloTrac sensors and VolumeView sensors.


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