Venous Arterial Blood Management and Protection

Safe, simple and reliable closed
blood sampling for effective
patient blood management.
To minimize blood loss during sampling, the VAMP closed blood sampling systems incorporate an in-line reservoir that allows clinicians to reinfuse rather than discard the clearing volume. Needle-less VAMP systems are designed to reduce infection, needle sticks, and blood waste associated with conventional blood sampling methods.


Optimized for patients in critical care settings.
•  5 cc reservoir designed for safe and convenient blood
   sampling in environments where close proximity to
   patient is desired

• Versatile design can be pole mounted on a backplate or  
   used as an arm mount
• For use with disposable pressure transducers and for
   connection to central line catheters and arterial catheters
  Z-site self-sealing sample port reduces blood buildup for
   collection of undiluted samples and improves infection
   control compared to traditional sampling methods


Allows sampling flexibility between surgery and
intensive care.
•  Large 12 cc reservoir provides optimized clearing volume

•  Choice of one or two Z-site sample sites for flexibility in
   perioperative settings
•  Convenient one-handed operation simplifies sampling
    and clearing volume reinfusion
•  Mounts on IV pole with Edwards’ TruClip holder next to
   pressure transducer


Offers safety and accuracy for your smallest patients.
•  Smaller 3 cc reservoir optimizes clearing volumes,
   providing undiluted, accurate blood samples

•  Designed to meet the volumecritical requirements of
   pediatric patients
•  Graduated “cc” markings aid in selecting appropriate
   clearing volume for each patient
•  Special contamination hood helps reduce infection risk


VAMP adult system setup video

This video details the process of setting up and taking drawing blood using the VAMP adult system in conjunction with a TruWave pressure transducer.

VAMP Plus system setup video

This video illustrates the process of setting up and taking a blood sample from the VAMP Plus system when paired with the TruWave pressure monitoring system.

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