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Evolving your view into thermodilution.

The VolumeView set from Edwards Lifesciences allows the clinician to access valuable volumetric information needed to manage the critically ill patient in the ICU.

Hemodynamic Parameters
CO Calibrated Cardiac Output
SV Calibrated Stroke Volume
SVR Systemic Vascular Resistance
SVV Stroke Volume Variation
SVI Stroke Volume Index

Volumetric Parameters
EVLW Extravascular Lung Water
PVPI Pulmonary Vascular Permeability Index
GEDV Global End Diastolic Volume
GEF Global Ejection Fraction




EV1000 clinical platform physiology screen

Evolving beyond numbers: the Physio Relationship screen helps identify the source of problem clearly through the hierarchy of parameters. The Physiology screen enables quick treatment decision-making through visual clinical decision support.

Applications in the intensive care unit.

The VolumeView set can help bring clarity in determining possible causes of hemodynamic instability, pulmonary oedema and cardiac dysfunction if used at the right time in the right patient.
• Severe sepsis
• Septic shock
• Cardiogenic shock
• Severe burns


The VolumeView set is intended for use in treating your acutely ill patients, providing informative volumetric
parameters 46-48:
• EVLW - Extra vascular Lung Water
• PVPI - Pulmonary Vascular Permeability Index
• GEDV - Global End Diastolic Volume
• GEF - Global Ejection Fractio

The volumetric parameters are provided via transpulmonary thermodilution (TPTD)

EV1000 clinical platform physio-relationship screen



EV1000 clinical platform

The EV1000 clinical platform presents the physiologic status of the patient in an intuitive and meaningful way. Designed in collaboration with and validated by clinicians, the EV1000 clinical platform offers you scalability and adaptability for both
the OR and ICU. The platform was thoughtfully designed to allow you to choose your own personal view, choose your parameters, and choose your level of invasiveness.


Works with the FloTrac system, VolumeView system, Edwards oximetry central venous catheter, PediaSat oximetry catheter, and the ClearSight system.

VolumeView set

1 VolumeView sensor
2 VolumeView femoral arterial catheter
3 VolumeView thermistor manifold
4 Central venous catheter
5 TruWave pressure transducer

Available literature

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