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The EV1000 clinical platform from Edwards Lifesciences presents the physiologic status of the patient in an intuitive and meaningful way. Designed in collaboration with and validated by clinicians, the EV1000 clinical platform offers you scalability and adaptability for both OR and ICU.
The EV1000 clinical platform enables you to choose the parameters  needed to monitor your patients and may be used with a variety of Edwards advanced hemodynamic monitoring tools for an integrated  Edwards Critical Care System.




FloTrac Sensor
Clear Sight Finger Cuff



Central Venous


Edwards Critical Care System


The EV1000 clinical platform provides the choice of the parameters you want to view and how you want to view them. The platform may be used with the Edwards advanced hemodynamic monitoring portfolio as outlined below. The platform also provides a choice of screens so that you may view the parameters in a manner most meaningful to your clinical situation for visual clinical support.


The EV1000 clinical platform presents patient
hemodynamic information clearly and simply. Colorbased indicators communicate patient status at a glance, and visual clinical support screens allow for immediate recognition and increased understanding of rapidly changing clinical situations to help clinicians make more informed decisions.
The animated physiology screen visually depicts the
dynamic changes occurring in your patient. By delivering parameters visually as well as numerically, the EV1000 clinical platform allows you to more easily determine the root cause of a particular situation, further assisting and guiding your clinical decisions.


Hemodynamic Optimization
Monitoring and optimizing Stroke Volume (SV) by fluid challenges during the surgical procedure is a strategy that may reduce postoperative complications.

Perioperative Goal-Directed Therapy Screens
The EV1000 clinical platform guides volume administration to reduce variability and help you keep your patients in the optimal volume range.

Guiding Platform
The EV1000 clinical platform provides a choice of screen options to provide immediate insight to aid your therapeutic
interventions. Presenting the physiologic status of the patient in an intuitive and meaningful way enables you to focus on your patient. Screen options include the real-time physiology screen (both intermittent and continuous), the cockpit screen, the goal positioning screen, graphical trend screens and the physio-relationship screen.

Graphical Trend Screen
The graphical trend screen allows you to select, place, and track interventions over time while providing key parameter trending data. The percent change indicator provides additional insight into the patient's condition.

Physio-relationship Screen
The physio-relationship screen depicts the balance between oxygen delivery and consumption, allowing you to identify the root cause of the imbalance and the most appropriate intervention.


Connecting to Your Hospital Information System
Connectivity within the EV1000 clinical platform enables you to optimize your clinical workflow. Edwards provides options for connecting the platform within the clinical environment that include IFMout through a serial connection and HL7 (Health Level 7)
through an Ethernet port. HL7 is a standard for exchanging information between medical applications.
PGDT Analytics
PGDT analytics is a PC only desktop application that organizes and visualizes data download files from the EV1000 clinical platform. It can be used with the ClearSight, FloTrac and VolumeView systems.

Single Cohort – PGDT Analytics

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