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Empty Humidifiers

Transparent for maximum clarity, our latex-free empty humidifiers provide an economical alternative to prefilled
humidifiers. These 370 mL capacity units have an audible alarm pressure-relief valve to warn patient and caregivers
of obstructions to flow. Available with either a 3 or 6 psi pressure-relief valve. The 6 psi model is designed for
applications where longer lengths of tubing can increase back pressure. With both the jar and lid constructed of break-resistant plastic, humidifiers also feature an ergonomically designed, durable plastic flowmeter nut.

Cat.No. 002006          370 mL capacity, with 6 psi valve (blue cap)

Empty nebulizers

Empty nebulizer 002002 has FiO2 settings adjustable from 35% to 100%.

Cat.No. 002002          With air entrainment and immersion heater adapter

Misty Max 10™

Misty Max 10™ disposable nebulizer has an advanced jet design for:
• Fast treatment times
• High percentage of respirable particles
• Low residual volume
• Consistent and reliable performance

Cat.No. 002434          With baffled tee adapter, 7´ (2.1m) oxygen tubing and mouthpiece

Misty Fast™

The AirLife Misty Fast™ small-volume nebulizer (SVN) is a small volume, high-efficiency air entrainment nebulizer that delivers comparable results to the AirLife Misty Max 10™ nebulizer, but in half the time. The one-piece jet design provides efficient, high output rates for fast treatment times and consistent medication delivery. Nine kit configurations accommodate your patient’s aerosolization needs, and all kits include our crush-resistant O2 tubing.

Cat.No. FN2434          Misty Fast SVN with baffled tee swivel mouthpiece
                                    and 7' (2.1m) oxygen tubing

Prefilled humidifier

Filled with sterile water for inhalation, this humidifier system features a dual-purpose reservoir with a snap-open
trigger, which makes a round opening for secure attachment of a humidifier adapter. The oxygen pathway is designed to help prevent particulate from reaching oxygen delivery tubing. An audible relief valve warns if the patient’s tubing becomes occluded.


Designed for convenient shelf storage, Compact Humidifier 002620 has a multi-angle outlet port that prevents spitting, even at high flow rates, and a small bottle opening that prevents refilling. It includes an adapter and a 4 psi pressure relief valve with alarm.

Cat.No. 002620          With humidifier adapter, 500 mL

Auto-feed humidification chamber

The AirLife auto-feed humidification chamber is a high-quality addition to our high-performance heated circuits. It aids in delivering ideal humidity to the patient and reduces work flow for clinicians by eliminating the need to manually fill the chamber with sterile water.

Cat.No. AH290          Humidification chamber, automatic feed

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